Multi-party Computation (MPC) Protocols
Anchor Update Proposal Lifecycle

Proposal Lifecycle

This page outlines the lifecycle of proposals in the context of the Anchor Update Proposal. It describes the process from proposing an anchor update to submitting a signed proposal.

How proposals are signed

The below sequence diagram illustrates the steps required to successfully submit an Anchor Update Proposal for signature.

  1. Propose: Proposers submit an anchor update proposal.
  2. Vote: Proposers cast their votes to either reject or acknowledge the proposal.
  3. Rejection: If the majority votes to reject, the execution is canceled, and a proposal rejection event is emitted.
  4. Approval: If the majority votes in favor of the proposal, the execution to have that proposal signed begins.
  5. Queue: The proposal is inserted into an Unsigned Proposal Queue.
  6. Fetch: The DKG-gadget, an offchain service worker, fetches the unsigned proposal from the queue.
  7. Send: The DKG-gadget sends messages to all connected peers requesting their signatures in the current or next round.
  8. Sign: Upon the completion of the round, the now signed proposals are processed and stored in offchain storage.
  9. Retrieve: The Proposal-Handlers offchain worker fetches the signed proposals.
  10. Validate: The proposal signatures are validated and inserted into pallet storage.
  11. Event: A ProposalSigned event is emitted, indicating a successfully submitted proposal.
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Supported Proposals

The current DKG implementation manages the following proposals, each specify a unique change to the system that must be signed in order for any of these requested updates to be considered valid.

RefreshProposal to refresh a contract’s governor
AnchorUpdateProposal to update merkle roots
SetVerifierProposalProposal to set a verifier address
TokenAddProposal to add token to a set
TokenRemoveProposal to remove token from a set
WrappingFeeUpdateProposal to update fee parameter
RescueTokenProposal to move tokens from a Treasury
MaxDepositLimitUpdateProposal to update a maximum deposit limit parameter
MinWithdrawalLimitUpdateProposal to update a minimum withdrawal limit parameter
FeeRecipientUpdateProposalProposal to update a fee recipient account
SetTreasuryHandlerProposalProposal to set a treasury handler address
ResourceIdUpdateProposal to add/update a resource ID
ProposalSetUpdateProposal to update the latest proposer set state