Stats Dapp
How to Use the Stats Dapp


The Keys page visualizes the keys generated during the DKG's threshold-key-generation protocol that are being used to govern distributed applications, namely the Anchor System.

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Active Key

The active key section displays the current active key. The active key is the key that is currently being used to sign proposals into existence. The dApp visualizes the start or when the key became active, and the end or when the next key is rotated in. The component provides insight into what session the current key became active in, and you may copy the compressed key to your clipboard.

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Keygen List

The keygen list displays all the keys that have been generated during the DKG's threshold-key-generation protocol, the participating authorities used to generate the key, the block height and session the key was generated in. In addition it displays the keygen and signature thresholds during the key's active session. More precisely, the table headers can be defined as the following:

  • Height: The block height the key was generated in.
  • Session: The session the key was generated in.
  • Keygen Threshold: The keygen threshold set during the keys generation which is the minimum number of authorities required to produce a valid signature.
  • Signature Threshold: The 't' in (t-out-of-n) threshold signatures used in the DKG signing system. Required of DKG authorities to generate signatures.
  • Authorities: The authorities that participated in the key generation.

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Key Details

To view additional data about any given key you may click on the key's row in the keygen list. This will display the key's details page. The key details page illustrates the compressed and uncompressed key, the key's history details, and the authorities that were active participants.

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