Stats Dapp


Webb Stats dApp provides a simple interface to view the latest data from Webb Networks, more specifically it provides insight into the Distributed Key Generation (DKG) protocol that runs within Webb based chains such as Tangle Network and Tangle Standalone Test Network. The dApp provides visibility into the current state of the DKG protocol, the active key present, the current authorities, signed proposals and more.

The dApp frontend is built using React, and the backend is built using SubQuery (opens in a new tab). You can view both implementation within the following repos:

Stats dApp Pages

The current dApp implementation is comprised of three distinct pages:

  • Keys
  • Authorities
  • Proposals

Within each of those pages you may drill in to view more detailed data. For example, on the Keys page you can view the current active key, the compressed and uncompressed key and the authorities used to generate the key. You can also view the previous keys and the authorities used to generate them.

The Webb team intends to iteratively add additional insights to this dApp as the protocol matures and as the community requests additional features. If you have a suggested feature please post your feature request here (opens in a new tab).