Hubble Bridge
How to Use Hubble Bridge

Accounts on Hubble Bridge

The Hubble Bridge dApp allows users to manage their notes with an easy to use interface. Prior to depositing into the bridge, users are required to create a NoteAccount. The NoteAccount is easily created by having the user sign a message using their MetaMask account. More precisely, the MetaMask NoteAccount uses the first 32 bytes of the signed message from the MetaMask account as the secret seed. It is with this keypair that users are able to fetch, spend, and manage their notes right from the interface!

Creating a NoteAccount with MetaMask

The first step to interacting with the bridge dApp is to connect a MetaMask wallet and create a NoteAccount using your preferred MetaMask account. The below steps outline how to go about creating an NoteAccount.

1. Connect MetaMask Wallet

When you enter the bridge you will be greeted with the following screen. The button on the header indicates that you are required to connect a wallet.

connect wallet light

2. Select Wallet to Connect

After selecting the 'Connect wallet', you will be prompted to connect to your desired wallet provider. For the purposes of this walkthrough we will utilize MetaMask. Select MetaMask and wait to be prompted by your MetaMask extension. If you do not have MetaMask installed, you will need to install it prior to depositing into the bridge.

wallet light

3. Creating Note Account

Once connected to your MetaMask account, you will need to create a NoteAccount using the connect MetaMask account. To do so, select the 'Create Note Account' button as shown below.

create account light

Once selected you will be prompted to agree to Webb's terms and conditions. Select the confirm checkbox, followed with 'Create Note Account'

create account prompt light

4. Sign MetaMask Message

Upon selecting to 'Create Note Account', users will be prompted by MetaMask to sign a message from Webb. As mentioned above, we use the first 32 bytes of the signed message from the MetaMask account as the secret seed to create the NoteAccount keypair.

create account prompt light

Once signed, you will have successfully created your Webb Note Account!!

created note account light

Now that you have created a NoteAccount you can make a deposit into the bridge, view, and manage all your notes from the interface!