Hubble Bridge


The Webb Hubble Bridge provides a easy to use, and friendly interface for users to privately move assets cross-chain. Underneath the interface we leverage Webb's Shielded Asset Protocol - A cross-chain private transaction system for privately moving and transferring assets between blockchains. Making user’s transaction history obfuscated through the use of cross-chain zero-knowledge proofs. To learn more about Webb's Shielded Asset Protocol please refer to this page.

The interface provided makes it incredibly easy for users to deposit into shielded pools, transfer shielded assets, and withdraw assets from the pool, while also preserving privacy for the user. Check out our usage guides for an in-depth look at how to use the bridge.

Tips to stay anonymous

It is important to note that Webb's implementation only provides obfuscation and privacy for actions related on-chain. However, it is the user that should take necessary precaution to protect their privacy. The below lists are only suggestions, and are not an exhaustive list of options.

  • Use a VPN or Tor to hide your IP for all actions within the dApp
  • Store your note in a safe place
  • Make sure you clear cookies for dApps before using your new address
  • Wait some time before withdrawing your deposit
  • Use multiple addresses
  • If making multiple deposits / withdraws spread them out accordingly
  • Spread deposits and withdraws across a 24hr period

The above list are merely suggestions and are not required to interact with Webb's Hubble bridge.