Compliance and Security

Compliance and Security

User Restrictions

Tangle Network and its associated cross-chain privacy bridge are designed for legitimate and lawful use only, and are not to be exploited by means of criminal or illicit activities. Users are obliged to adhere to all laws and regulations of their respective jurisdiction. Usage by politically exposed persons or their associates is strictly prohibited as per prevailing laws.

Before using Tangle Network and its services, users must confirm and accept the following terms:

If acting individually, you are of legal age as specified in your jurisdiction. You are not a politically exposed person currently in or recently retired from a prominent public role. You are not an immediate family member or closely associated with a politically exposed person. You are not involved in money laundering or financing of terrorism. Your access to the network doesn't violate any rules, laws, regulations, or directives in your country of residence or jurisdiction. You have never been arrested or convicted of any offence or crime. You are prepared to verify your identity upon request.

User Responsibility

Use of Tangle Network and its cross-chain privacy bridge is solely at the risk of the user. The codebase, autonomous protocol, and decentralized networks are all open-source and are not controlled by any specific team. Contributors to Tangle Network are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from inherent risks associated with cryptography, blockchain, and digital wallet usage.

The user agrees not to bypass location-based restrictions through the use of any technology. Users bear the responsibility of reporting and paying any relevant taxes. Any addresses suspected of malpractice can be blocked.

Geographical Restrictions

While Tangle Network and Hubble Bridge are in its Alpha stage with minimal restrictions, users must comply with their local, state, and federal laws. We strongly advise checking this before using the network. Certain jurisdictions may be programmatically restricted due to local regulatory authorities' policies that prevent anonymous transactions.


The Tangle token is not an anonymity-enhanced cryptocurrency in itself; however, when used with our cross-chain privacy bridge, privacy is enabled. For the safety of all users, those from certain jurisdictions may be prohibited from accessing the protocol. Post-alpha, restrictions may be implemented for additional countries based on legal considerations.

Wallet Compliance

We may in the future pursue integrations to ensure that wallets interacting with the protocol do not contain funds from illicit sources. In that future case, suspicious wallets may be barred from depositing into the protocol, and funds may not be withdrawn to such wallets.