About Webb
Understanding Webb for Newbies

Webb Protocol Overview

Webb Protocol can be thought of as a vast, interconnected city - "Webb City." This city is not isolated but has bridges (Webb Bridges) connecting it to other cities (blockchains).

The Tangle Network acts as the city's administration - a group of trusted individuals who are elected and ensure that every transaction is approved and validated, keeping the city secure and organized. They provide the security and validation for the Webb Bridges and the Anchor System, ensuring the integrity of cross-chain transactions and the privacy of user data.

Distributed Key Generation (DKG) is like our city's council selection process. Instead of an election, we have a cryptographic lottery that picks a group from many potential council members to form the Tangle Network. This process is integral to maintaining the decentralization and fairness of the system. The DKG process is the core governance framework for the Tangle Network, ensuring the network remains decentralized and secure.

These selected members, using a protocol called Threshold Secret Sharing (TSS), share the responsibility for a 'master key' that governs critical operations within the network. The key is never whole unless a specific number (threshold) of these council members agree to combine their parts. This prevents any single member from wielding full control and ensures our city's operations are secure and democratic. TSS plays a pivotal role in securing Webb Shielded Pools, ensuring that withdrawal credentials are secure.

The Anchor System, like the city's post office, records every incoming and outgoing package (transaction) but only in hashed form, making it impossible to know the sender or receiver's real identity. It relies on the Tangle Network to verify and validate these transactions, with TSS and DKG vital for maintaining its decentralized and secure nature.

The Oracle and Relayer Networks act as the postmen of Webb City. The Oracle postmen listen for new packages (transactions) and relay the information to the post office (Anchor System). The Relayer postmen ensure that the citizens can send and receive packages without ever revealing their identity. These networks operate under the governance of the Tangle Network, with the shared responsibility of TSS enabling their trustless operation.

Lastly, Stats DApp is the control room of the city. Here, the administrators can monitor the city's operations, including the number of packages coming in and going out, the performance of the postmen, and other important statistics.

Component Breakdown

  • Webb Bridges: Webb Bridges connect different blockchains, allowing for interoperability across multiple networks.
  • Tangle Network: The Tangle Network is a decentralized network of nodes that validate and approve transactions within the Webb ecosystem.
  • Distributed Key Generation (DKG): The DKG is a method of generating a shared secret among a group of participants, each of which holds a unique piece of the secret.
  • Anchor System: The Anchor System connects merkle trees on different blockchains and maintains the latest state of each anchor in the network.
  • Oracle Network: The Oracle Network listens for new transactions in the Webb ecosystem, relaying this information to the appropriate entities.
  • Relayer Network: The Relayer Network facilitates transaction execution on behalf of users, maintaining user privacy.
  • Stats DApp: The Stats DApp is a dashboard that presents various statistics about the Webb ecosystem, including transaction volumes, governance proposals, and network health metrics.


Together, all of these components work in harmony to ensure privacy, interoperability, and efficiency in the Webb Protocol. This intricate interconnection of components, with DKG and TSS at its core, is what makes the Webb Protocol a powerful tool for privacy in the blockchain space. It is the concerted effort of all these parts, working under the governance of the Tangle Network and the security of TSS, that brings the dream of a truly private, secure, and interoperable digital world into reality.

The power of the Webb Protocol lies not in its individual components, but in their orchestration. Each component relies on and enhances the others, like gears in a well-oiled machine. From the democratic and secure key generation of DKG, to the shared responsibility of TSS, and the vigilant monitoring of the Stats DApp, all systems are intertwined to build an environment where privacy is not an option but a fundamental right.

Webb Bridges leverage the inherent security of this system to connect different blockchains securely and privately, and the Anchor System employs the same principles to provide a private and reliable cross-chain transaction record. The Oracle and Relayer Networks are key cogs in this machine, maintaining the integrity of transactions and user privacy.

This is the essence of Webb Protocol – a collective system designed with decentralization, privacy, and security at its heart, each component working together in a harmonic dance that ensures a seamless, private and secure digital experience. Welcome to the Webb City, where your privacy is respected, your transactions are secure, and interoperability is as natural as the sunrise.