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Running a Relayer
CLI Usage

Command-Line Reference

When starting up your own Webb relayer, there are some required and optional flags that can be used.

This page provides a comprehensive list of the available command lines available on the Webb relayer.

After installing the Webb relayer (opens in a new tab) binary (or pull from Docker), you can view the relayers command line interface (CLI). For a complete list of the available flags, you can spin up your relayer and input --help to the end of the command. The command will vary depending on how you choose to spin up your relayer, and if you're using Docker or Systemd.

docker run --platform linux/amd64 --help

Start the relayer from a config file:

webb-relayer -vvv -c <CONFIG_FILE_PATH>


webb-relayer [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

Available Flags

The below lists outlines the available flags for your convienance.


Prints help information

webb-relayer --help


Create the Database Store in a temporary directory and will be deleted when the process exits

webb-relayer --tmp


Prints relayer version information

webb-relayer --version


A level of verbosity, and can be used multiple times

webb-relayer --vvvv

Available Options

--config-dir <PATH>

Directory that contains configration files

webb-relayer --config dir ./config