Ecosystem Roles

Relayer Roadmap

We aim to build a relayer infrastructure that gradually improves in its performance, efficiency, and overall security. We do this in stages by first building the necessary infrastructure to listen to events across a connected set of Anchors and react properly across a Bridge to preserve the liveness of the protocol.

Version 1 - Multi-sig governance functionality

The first iteration of the bridge relayer is responsible for event listening and transaction execution.

  • Event listening across a set of connected anchors to learn of new deposits on a Bridge.
  • Proposal creation and vote submission over the Bridge's governance process.
  • Data replication and an API for inspecting Anchor state off-chain.

Version 2 - Multi-party Threshold governance functionality

We then plan to integrate a DKG into a Substrate node for future governance purposes.

  • Direct integration into a (currently) Substrate chain or potentially other blockchain node (Cosmos-SDK)
    • Bootstraps off existing validator set and participates in consensus.
  • Execution of a distributed key generation protocol to generate a threshold key.

Version 3 - Auxiliary staking and punishment functionality

We will integrate the DKG directly into the Bridge governance system, allowing the bridge to be governed by a threshold key (or many).

  • Integrate staking mechanism over finality authorities for registering local key matter.
  • Integrate punishment mechanism over improper behavior in the DKG.
  • Develop an on-chain pallet to govern the threshold and generate threshold signatures of SignatureBridge.sol governance transactions.