Tangle Network


The Tangle Network is a next-gen TSS based blockchain with a powerful threshold signature governance system for operating, governing, maintaining, growing, powering cross-chain applications.

Test Networks

Checkout the deployed Tangle test networks. We have deployed our own standalone chain that you may explorer and interact with.

Use Cases

How it Works

The Tangle Network uses a multi-stage governance system to sign payloads with threshold signatures. In order to achieve strong security, we utilize a light-client based approach for signing messages; that is, every message signed by the TSS is crypto-economically enforced to have been verified again by a trustless on-chain light-client.

The governance system works as follows:

  • Relayers propose payloads to the governance system by providing merkle trie proofs of inclusion of state and events against their respective blockchains.
  • Payloads are verified on-chain and added to an unsigned proposal queue for the Tangle Network DKG Authorities to read.
  • Payloads are signed off-chain by the Tangle Network DKG Authorities using their respective DKG shares.
  • Signatures are aggregated and combined and, once formed, submitted back on-chain, where they are cross-referenced with a previously generated unsigned proposal. If successful, the unsigned proposal is cleared from the Tangle Network’s on-chain storage and the signed proposal is inserted into the Tangle Network’s on-chain storage.
  • If a signature is presented on-chain that cannot be cross-referenced with any previously created unsigned proposal, the DKG authorities are considered malicious and are kicked from the protocol execution within limits. Their stake will be slashed to incentivize against signing payloads outside the governance system’s guidelines.


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Last updated on February 25, 2023