Proposal Lifecycle

Proposal Lifecycle

This page outlines the lifecycle of proposals in the context of the Anchor Update Proposal. It describes the process from proposing an anchor update to submitting a signed proposal.

How proposals are signed

The below sequence diagram illustrates the steps required to successfully submit an Anchor Update Proposal for signature.

  1. Propose: Proposers submit an anchor update proposal.
  2. Vote: Proposers cast their votes to either reject or acknowledge the proposal.
  3. Rejection: If the majority votes to reject, the execution is canceled, and a proposal rejection event is emitted.
  4. Approval: If the majority votes in favor of the proposal, the execution to have that proposal signed begins.
  5. Queue: The proposal is inserted into an Unsigned Proposal Queue.
  6. Fetch: The DKG-gadget, an offchain service worker, fetches the unsigned proposal from the queue.
  7. Send: The DKG-gadget sends messages to all connected peers requesting their signatures in the current or next round.
  8. Sign: Upon the completion of the round, the now signed proposals are processed and stored in offchain storage.
  9. Retrieve: The Proposal-Handlers offchain worker fetches the signed proposals.
  10. Validate: The proposal signatures are validated and inserted into pallet storage.
  11. Event: A ProposalSigned event is emitted, indicating a successfully submitted proposal.
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Supported Proposals

The current DKG implementation manages the following proposals, each specify a unique change to the system that must be signed in order for any of these requested updates to be considered valid.

RefreshProposal to refresh a contract’s governor
AnchorUpdateProposal to update merkle roots
SetVerifierProposalProposal to set a verifier address
TokenAddProposal to add token to a set
TokenRemoveProposal to remove token from a set
WrappingFeeUpdateProposal to update fee parameter
RescueTokenProposal to move tokens from a Treasury
MaxDepositLimitUpdateProposal to update a maximum deposit limit parameter
MinWithdrawalLimitUpdateProposal to update a minimum withdrawal limit parameter
FeeRecipientUpdateProposalProposal to update a fee recipient account
SetTreasuryHandlerProposalProposal to set a treasury handler address
ResourceIdUpdateProposal to add/update a resource ID
ProposalSetUpdateProposal to update the latest proposer set state