General FAQ

Privacy and Security

Q: How does Webb Protocol ensure the privacy and security of its users?

A: Webb Protocol employs cutting-edge privacy technologies, such as zero-knowledge proofs, distributed key generation, and secure relayer systems, to maintain the privacy and security of users' assets and information.

Anchor System and Relayer System

Q: Can you explain the role of the Anchor System and the Relayer System in the Webb Protocol?

A: The Anchor System connects merkle trees on different blockchains, ensuring liveness and safety. The Relayer System acts as an oracle, data relayer, and protocol governance participant, relaying information for connected Anchors and enhancing the overall security of the system.

Q: How does the Anchor System work, and what is its significance in the Webb Protocol?

A: The Anchor System connects merkle trees on different blockchains using a graph-like framework, allowing anchors to maintain the latest state of their neighboring anchors. This interconnectedness enables users to prove the existence of data in any anchor from any anchor, satisfying the properties of liveness and safety.

Q: What role do relayers play in the Webb Protocol, and how do they contribute to the overall security of the system?

A: Relayers in the Webb Protocol serve as multi-faceted oracles, data relayers, and protocol governance participants. They relay information for a connected set of anchors on a bridge, updating each anchor's state and allowing applications to reference data stored across connected anchors. By fulfilling their roles, relayers enhance the overall security of the system.

Q: Can you explain the Distributed Key Generation (DKG) protocol and its significance in ensuring the safety and liveness of the Anchor System?

A: The DKG protocol governs the Anchor System by acting as a security tool. Trust is placed in the DKG to sign the data it is meant to sign, ensuring bridge updates are valid. The protocol guarantees the safety and liveness of the Anchor System, maintaining its ability to be updated in a partially-synchronous environment while ensuring all updates are valid.

Cross-Chain and Asset Transfers

Q: What are the benefits of using Tangle Network

A: Tangle Network employs a set of technologies that faciliate secure and private governance and easy bridging of cross-chain and private applications, in ways that improve the privacy of all applications that connect.

Q: What advantages does Hubble Bridge offer for users?

A: Hubble Bridge offers an easy-to-use interface for privately moving assets cross-chain, leveraging Webb's Shielded Asset Protocol for secure and private transactions. This allows users to maintain privacy while transferring assets between blockchains efficiently.

Collaboration, Governance, and Platform

Q: What are the latest innovations and research in the field of privacy and blockchain that Webb Protocol is working on?

A: Webb Protocol is continually working on innovations in privacy and blockchain, focusing on areas such as zero-knowledge proofs, cross-chain privacy solutions, secure messaging, and privacy-preserving identity systems.

Last updated on May 9, 2023