Ecosystem Roles
Validator Overview


In a blockchain context, validating usually refers to the process performed by nodes (often called validators) in the network to ensure that transactions and blocks meet the necessary rules and protocols of the network. This can involve verifying that transactions are correctly signed, that they don't double-spend coins, and that newly created blocks are formatted correctly and include valid transactions. By validating data, transactions, or blocks, we ensure that the systems or networks in question operate as intended and maintain their integrity. In Proof-of-Stake systems, Validators are often incentivized and rewarded through portions of new tokens generated by inflation or otherwise.

Stepping into Responsibility

Embarking on the journey to becoming a blockchain validator comes with considerable responsibility. As a validator, you are entrusted not only with your own stake but also the stake of those who nominate you. Any errors or breaches can lead to penalties known as slashing, impacting both your token balance and your standing within the network. However, being a validator can be immensely rewarding, offering you the opportunity to actively contribute to the security of a decentralized network and grow your digital assets.

Proceed with Caution

We strongly advise that you possess substantial system administration experience before choosing to run your own validator. The role goes beyond merely running a blockchain binary; it requires the ability to address and resolve technical issues and anomalies independently. Running a validator is as much about knowledge as it is about problem-solving skills.

Security: Your Priority

Security is paramount when running a successful validator. You should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the secure validator guidelines to understand the considerations when setting up your infrastructure. As you grow and evolve as a validator, these guidelines can serve as a foundation upon which you build your modifications and customizations.

Your Support Network

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. We encourage you to connect with the Webb community (opens in a new tab). These communities are teeming with experienced team members and fellow validators who are more than willing to answer questions, provide insights, and share valuable experiences. Additionally, you will want to make community members aware of your validator services, so they can nominate their stake to you.

Embarking on the validator journey is both challenging and rewarding. With careful preparation, a strong understanding of the associated responsibilities and risks, and the support of the community, you can make significant contributions to the Webb ecosystem.